Mindful Walks: Mindfulness Training in the Outdoors

About Mindful Walking
Walking is part of daily life for most of us. Whether inside or out, we are usually walking in order to get somewhere: a goal-based journey. Quite often, while walking, be it to another room, a walk to the shops or a walk outdoors for pleasure, our minds usually take a walk too, into the world of thoughts. Before we know it, our awareness has shifted from ourselves, our bodies and our surroundings and we become lost in thought. During a mindfulness walk, by paying attention to what we notice through our senses, the mind is gathered out of the past or future and into the present moment. There is no particular aim, or goal, in a mindfulness walk, we are just being as fully present as we can with our current moment experience. Walking in this way can be rejuvenating, a great way to enjoy the outdoors and spend nurturing time with ourselves – partly in silence – whilst in the company of others.

About the walks:

The walks are usually a gentle distance, ranging from 4-7miles on a full-day walk with some uphill climb which will be taken gently, in stages and as a part of the practice.

About your guide:

Belinda is an experienced hill walker and holder of the Lowland Leader Award walk leading qualification with Mountain Training Association. She is an experienced meditator and has trained with the Bangor Centre for Mindfulness Practice and Research (Bangor CMRP).

Testimonials from 2020 participants:

“Belinda [was] very patient, empathetic and very ready to explain or give feedback. She was extremely proficient in handling the diverse individuals in the group and at getting people to open up about their experiences.”
Will, North Wales, Sept 2019.

I felt exactly as if I had been on retreat – I didn’t expect it to be so profound, or so nourishing as it’s only a short time. It was totally different from an ordinary walk. I was anxious beforehand, worrying that it would be too physically demanding and I wouldn’t be able to keep up, but Belinda took us way out into the countryside away from roads, and the peace, internal and surrounding us was wonderful. She was aware at all times of physical difficulties and my fear of cows!” Josie, North Wales, Nov 2019.

“Everything about the walk was spot on – the pace,  the content , your marvellous way of containment and calm – just brilliant . It’s so lovely to find something that’s so nourishing and beautifully organised.” Dee, North Wales, Nov 2019.

“Thank you for being a kind and patient guide – for someone that finds meditation a challenge I really appreciated your gentleness, and the feeling of permission to not be very good at it! I felt welcomed to the event even though I’m not really one to enjoy being still very often, and I was surprised that I enjoyed some of the stillness!” Jennie, North Wales, Nov 2019.

You will need:

Sturdy boots; waterproof jacket and trousers; layers of clothing rather than thick chunks! The weather, as well as terrain, can be an excellent part of mindfulness practice: so it is good to make sure you are prepared for poor weather conditions.

Rucksack; Packed lunch; water bottle: on full-day walks, this is essential. On half-day walks, you might like to bring some snack bars or fruit.

Health awareness:

Meditation can be contraindicated during times of emotional & psychological trauma (such as bereavement) or during depressive periods.

If you have any health concerns and are not sure whether mindful walking is for you, Belinda would be happy to chat things through.

Contact Belinda (click here) if you would like to check out any concerns you may have.

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Walk Training for Women
I run days of outdoor empowerment for women including training in walk planning and navigation. They are designed to be supportive, friendly, approachable and fun. Click here for more info.