What is it that prompts us to go for counselling? For some we may be aware of discomfort, confusion or difficulties in some way that is obvious. For others of us, there may be something more subtle, we may find behaviours emerging – a self-medication of sorts.

We may just be aware of difficulties when we sit down, or slow down – a sort of discomfort, or even emotional pain – and we do our best to avoid it! Both in the counselling room and “on the cushion”, that pain is, of course, the “door” to held injuries, misunderstandings, illusions and eventually, through supported exploration, our own liberation.

In the Counselling Room: Wounded Heart

Do not fear the pain that calls…
…calls for you
it has much to tell you.
Listen keenly….for it’s cry,
if heard, calls softly, deep within
some distant vault.

Turning, gently as you can,
towards its call,
listening with your open
heart, the hearing of its words
a soothing balm…
…years on, deep wisdom’s sure release, from safe space,
held safely in the dark
until now, soft distant cries
lie felt, dimly at first then louder,
more sure, of love’s true rest.

Rest here, dear part, your longing
held securely, felt more clearly
Rest here, dear part
all’s well, your words are out
your pain is felt
and tender held.

Do not fear this pain
held safely, calling in the dark
Do not fear it, let
awareness gently
turn toward it
and embrace it
It is none other…a returning fragment
of your own,
dear wounded heart.

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