Perhaps sometimes it seems that…
•  You often have low, depressive moods, lack energy & motivation
•  You feel anxious, overwhelmed, perhaps angry
•  You’ve lost your sense of Self, purpose & direction
•  You feel as if you’re on a treadmill, feel overwhelmed, tired or exhausted
•  You feel as though you’ll never be “good enough”…

Counselling can help you to…
•  Make sense of why you feel low & anxious – learn how to cope with these feelings & live a happier, fulfilling life
•  Re-connect with who You are & what your life means to you
•  Learn to care for You – when & how to take time out
•  Come to know that You are OK – that You are enough

What counselling can offer you:
Talking therapy offers you a safe, confidential space to talk about your life and anything that you may be finding confusing, painful or uncomfortable. It allows you to talk with someone who is trained to listen attentively and non-judgmentally, working with you to make changes where you deem beneficial. 

It is not unusual for people to feel unsure about what to expect from counselling when they first begin. Every counsellor will have a different approach but will generally try to offer a safe space where you can talk and be listened to as you explore whatever it might be that has brought you to counselling.

I aim to offer a space where you feel safe, accepted and free to talk, finding your own voice and way of expressing how you feel. We work together to gain an understanding of what you want out of counselling and then explore all the aspects of what is troubling you.

It is a process which can take a short or long period of time, depending upon what each individual wants to work with. 

I offer short or long term counselling and whichever you choose, it is your decision – this is something you might like to consider before you begin or, alternatively, it is something we can talk through when you start counselling. It is also worth considering: what will it cost you if you do not do this?

I have written a blog post about what it’s like to go for counselling here.

Cost of sessions:
Sessions last 50 minutes and are £50 per session.
To find out more, or to book, contact me on: 07851 218 014
Email: Contact me

Where I work from:

In-person: I see clients in the North East Wales area, working out from:
Grosvenor Street Physiotherapy and Wellness Centre
10 Grosvenor Street, Mold, CH7 1EJ.

Remote Counselling: I also offer Remote Counselling – using either video conferencing or telephone – UK-wide.

Outdoor Counselling: alternatively, I offer Outdoor Counselling – Walk & Talk therapy – in the Mold and Vale of Clwyd area.

How I work:
I work in an integrative style, incorporating elements from different therapeutic approaches, as appropriate to you, within a mindfulness-informed, person centred foundation that puts you at the centre of our work together.

Areas of counselling I work with:
Addictions; Abuse; Anxiety; Bereavement; Depression; Loss;  Modern Day Slavery; Trauma; Personal development; Health related issues; Identity issues; Self esteem/Self acceptance issues; Spirituality; Women’s issues; Child related issues; Relationships; Anger management; Redundancy; Stress; Work related issues; Student Counsellors.

Feedback from clients…

“I would recommend Way of Mindfulness Counselling to my friends 100%! I learned about myself in more depth and how this had a direct impact on my wellbeing…and that not being perfect is actually ok!”

“I learn something, without fail, in every session. It feels as though Belinda is genuine and genuinely interested in hearing what I have to say.”

“Belinda gives me information – so I can learn how I can feel better and even if she hasn’t been through what I’ve been through, she can hear what I’m trying to say – I feel heard.”

“Belinda’s voice is very calm and collected and the way she speaks helped me feel more relaxed – I felt understood, reassured and that I wasn’t being judged.”

For an initial chat, or to book an appointment: