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Way of Mindfulness

Sometimes it seems that…
You often have low, depressive moods, lack energy & motivation
•  You anxious, overwhelmed, perhaps angry
•  You’ve lost your sense of Self, purpose & direction
•  You’re on a treadmill, feel overwhelmed, tired or exhausted
•  You feel as though you’ll never be “good enough”…

Counselling can help you to…
Make sense of why you feel low & anxious – learn how to cope with these feelings & live a happier, more fulfilling life
•  Re-connect with who You are & what your life means to you
•  Learn to care for You – when & how to take time out
•  Come to know that You are OK – that You are enough

First browse though my site to decide if you feel we could work together

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If we both agree to take it further, we will arrange our first session either online/telephone, or perhaps outdoors in person.

Depression | Anxiety | Low self-esteem/self-acceptance | Bereavement & Loss | Relationships | Anger issues | Stress management | Work issues | Student Counsellors  Call: 07851 218 014   Area: North East Wales 

Way of Mindfulness